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Rover PTA - Academic Intervention (Tempe, AZ)

Academic Intervention is a resource program for the teachers of Rover Elementary School.  It allows the teachers to focus on the individual needs of all their students. The program is open to students K – 5 during the second and third quarter of the year.

Students are identified based on their standardized test scores (NWEA and DIBELS ) and categorized as either “Meets”, “Needs” or “Exceeds” grade level in each of the academic areas. The teacher then works with the interventionist to develop a game plan and approach to meet the needs of all students. For example, the teacher may use the interventionist to pull out a small group of students that exceed grade level and give them additional enrichment activities allowing the teacher to focus on the “Meets” and “Needs” groups. In another scenario, the interventionist may take a small group of “needs” students to focus on intensive remediation and give those students the attention that they need. It is a very fluid resource that changes to meet the needs of the students. The goal of Academic Intervention is to help every student make a full year’s growth during the academic year – no matter where they fall on the spectrum.


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