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Kayne Eras Center (Culver City, CA)
The Kayne Eras Center is a state certified nonpublic school that began in 1980. It provides an alternative to public school placement for students K-12. The eligibilities served are SLD, ED, OHI, AUT and DD. Designated Instructional Services include speech therapy, counseling and occupational therapy. The school’s current enrollment is 204, serving students from nine school districts.

Mission statement: To provide and advance the highest quality educational programs and therapeutic services in a nurturing environment.

Vision Statement: To serve those challenged with learning, emotional, behavioral and developmental difficulties so that they can succeed. We will foster the growth of all students into thoughtful, literate adults, possessing the academic, social, and technical skills necessary to solve problems, and successfully pursue academic and career goals, becoming effective, responsible citizens.

Our Values: Each human being is unique, valuable and naturally motivated to learn. Given adequate support, each can achieve his or her potential. Each individual learns differently and through a wide range of experience can discover and develop his or her unique intelligence, talents and abilities. Shared knowledge, varying perspectives, and the participation of those affected enhance the value and success of our decisions and actions. People can learn and make informed choices and be responsible of their decisions. A caring, nonjudgmental, enriched interdisciplinary learning environment fosters the results we seek for those we serve, the community and ourselves. Collaboration of researches, education and service professionals, business/community leaders, volunteers and those we serve increases our effectiveness.


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