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Care Packages From Home (Sidney Center, NY)

This all began with my friend who lives in Tenn. (who's brother was in Afghanistan), we (My mother, my Daughter & I) now we send to 33 Soldiers and they share all items in their boxes with the others in their troop. Therefore we are assisting MANY Soldiers every time we send boxes to them. Most Soldiers say they have a very hard time getting even the BASIC supplies over there (Body wash, Shampoo, Shave Cream, Batteries, Toothpaste etc) some don't even have a PX (On base Store) to buy these items from. They can't just run down to the local Wal-mart or CVS to buy them (Because there is not one & if there was, it is much to Dangerous to do so). We also send Children's Toys, Shoes and Clothes. Some go to Hospitals run by American Soldiers and some are sent to Soldiers who go on Community outreach programs.

The boxes used are Flat Rate Priority Boxes which cost $8.95 per box. These are used because of the distance they need to go, they make it there in 7 - 10 days vs. 14 - 21 days or more for a regular package. We would appreciate your help with your ink cartridges. We appreciate it and our Soldiers will appreciate it EVEN MORE!!

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