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The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (Silver Spring, MD)

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is an association of the leaders of approximately 340 congregations of Catholic sisters in the United States. The conference has more than 1500 members, who represent about 95 percent of the 67,000 Catholic sisters in the United States. Founded in 1956, the conference assists its members to collaboratively carry out their service of leadership to further the mission of the Gospel in today's world.

These leaders are heading communities of Catholic sisters who serve in works of education, healthcare, social service, pastoral care and other ministries throughout the United States and in other countries where human needs are not being met.

The income received by the cartridge recycling program is used to provide scholarship funds for the leaders of congregations that are financially challenged. With scholarships, these women are able to attend the organization's annual assembly which includes educational programs on religious life and leadership.

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